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Our Department is part of the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics at LMU Munich. We are located close to Munich's three famous art galleries.

The research at our Department is international and interdisciplinary. We look for answers to questions concerning not only the field of mathematics, but also the fields of physics, computer science and economics. 

At the Department of Mathematics fundamental research is conducted in the following areas:

Besides intensive teacher training for the different German school systems we offer not only Bachelor and Master degrees in Mathematics, but also a Bachelor degree in Business Mathematics together with the Master degree in Financial and Insurance Mathematics.

Students studying for a Bachelor of Mathematics are first made familiar with the mathematical fundamentals. Thereafter, they are allowed to choose subjects of their own interests. In the Master Degree Programme students are introduced to current fields of research. With the aid of professors and the other academic staff students are challenged in the form of lectures and through having the opportunity to conduct research with internationally recognised experts.

Especially the Bachelor Degree in Business Mathematics as well as the subsequent Master Degree in Financial and Insurance Mathematics are very popular. They have meanwhile evolved into real trademarks on the job market. However, these programmes should not be underestimated since they are highly demanding and nothing short of the normal degree programme.

Last but not least, the Department of Mathematics offers courses to students of other subjects that need mathematics as a foundation or are taking mathematics as a minor.

All in all, we try not only to convey enthusiasm for mathematics but also to establish understanding of mathematical structures, methods and the mathematical way of thinking. We aim to contribute to the education of highly qualified people who will excel in economics, high technology, research and the teaching profession.