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Master Degree in Financial and Insurance Mathematics


The Master Degree programme in Financial and Insurance Mathematics combines knowledge from mathematics – especially financial and insurance mathematics, stochastics and numerics – with economic sciences and statistics. The skills acquired in this programme will qualify graduates for the job market, above all in the financial and insurance industry, but also in research. Graduates are empowered to work independently, analyse critically and apply research results successfully.
Please note, that the Master Degree programme in Financial and Insurance Mathematics only starts in winter term.

There will be an orientation phase for new Master Degree students.

Job opportunities

There is great demand for highly qualified and interdisciplinary skilled specialists with profound knowledge of mathematics, statistics and economics. Therefore, the programme places emphasis on basic structures and techniques to enable graduates to analyse and solve mathematical problems in the financial and insurance industry. The job opportunities for graduates of this degree programme are excellent: finance and insurance, banking institutions, business consultancy.


The Master Degree in Financial and Insurance Mathematics is generally completed within 4 semesters. At the end of your successful studies you will have a Master of Science. The prerequisite for this programme is a Bachelor degree either in mathematics or in another science with a comparable level of mathematical skills, like Business Mathematics or Physics. Before being accepted, there will be an assessment regarding your suitability for this degree programme.
In order to complete the Master Degree programme successfully you will have to acquire 120 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) points. You will also need to write a Master’s thesis within the period of one semester.

Please note that non-German speakers will have to fulfill additional requirements. For questions and details concerning the enrolment please refer to the International Office of LMU Munich.

Work Placement

Students of the Master Degree programme in Financial and Insurance Mathematics have to complete a work placement. This placement will give the student a relevant professional experience of at least four weeks duration. It can be completed for example in a bank, in an insurance company, in investment and financial consulting, in tax authorities (e.g. see here). If there is any doubt as to whether the pursued placement meets the requirements, please send a request with a short description of the work placement to the Kontaktstelle Mathematik. You will also find other relevant information there.

Additional Information

If you have any questions regarding this Master Degree programme please contact Student Counselling for Financial and Insurance Mathematics.