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Welcome to the Department of Mathematics

The Mathematical Institute is a department within the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. The goals and tasks of the Institute are research and teaching in mathematics.

Mathematical research often starts from concrete problems arising from the increasing mathematization of the natural and social sciences. All problems that have a quantitative, structural, algorithmic, dynamic, or geometric component are questions of mathematics. On the other hand, mathematics develops internal questions that are equally fruitful.

Basic research in core areas of mathematics is conducted at the Mathematical Institute. Focal points are:

The motivation for this research is internal questions of mathematics as well as questions from physics, computer science, and economics. Our research is international and interdisciplinary.

Overall, we try to instill enthusiasm for mathematics and an understanding of its structures, methods, and ways of thinking. Our goal is to contribute to the formation of top performers who will excel in business, high technology, research, and the teaching professions.