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CIP Computer Network

The CIP computer network is operated by the computing centre of the Department of Mathematics for students of Mathematics, Geophysics, Crystallography and Mineralogy. The workstations are situated in the following rooms: B U135, B U136 (basement) and B 115.

User ID

In order to use the CIP workstations you will need a user ID. The Campus Account does not work here. For students of Mathematics there will be an introduction (ca. 45 minutes) at the beginning of the semester after which you will receive your user ID. Please enrol for this course via Uni2work. Students of the other subjects will receive their user ID during exercise sessions and tutorials.

The permanent IDs for mathematics students (beginning with md) will be renewed automatically as long as you are enrolled in a degree programme within the Department of Mathematics. Once you are not enrolled anymore your ID will be disabled. The same applies to the permanent IDs of the other departments.

User Guidelines

The User Guidelines for the CIP computer network at the Department of Mathematics apply. It is forbidden to eat or drink in the computer rooms. Each user has to sign the compliance agreement with the user guidelines. Violation of the user guidelines terminates the user ID immediately.

Further Information

In the intranet there is a Wiki with information you might need: cipdoku